Laurie has a dubious reputation.

Pierre won't approve.

His words pierced to the heart of the matter.

Thomas didn't consider him very intelligent.

Let's just keep moving.


This is totally reasonable.

She was my first girlfriend.

Pravin is not a rapid reader.

I knew my leg was broken.

Hello, I'm Lucifer. I run things around here.

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Mwa was struck by lightning.

Do you have a restroom?

At last, they met face to face.

Go grab your backpack.

I thought I saw someone I knew.

Mickey and Raghu live nearby.

Bert is not in hospital.

He really needs your help.

Nobody's going to shed any tears if that old building gets torn down.

You seem to want me to talk you out of it.

We live in house number fifty, nearby the supermarket.

The conveyor belt at the Canadian coal port can fill a Japanese or Chinese ship at the rate of four thousand tonnes of coal per hour.

It's almost 2:30.

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Rand wants to know when Penny will go shopping.


I gave your car.

He cannot keep a secret to himself.

Son has money enough to buy the house he wants.


I saw the mark of sadness that had remained on her face.

Russ scared the pants off you, didn't he?

My car is being repaired.

I think it's time for me to buy a decent camera.

This skull and crossbones was named based on the world-famous Captain Kidd who was active in late 17th century Britain.

Oh my God, it's my house!

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

I hope nobody got hurt.

They threatened and denounced each other.


You used to love coming here.

Vladislav said he would leave on Monday.

The clock has already struck noon.


There's the bell.


If you can't make peace with yourself, how are you going to make peace with anyone else?


I need space.

I've never felt like this before.

It's awfully hot in here.

How long did it take him to write this novel?

Jerald doesn't make mistakes very often.


I feel one with the universe.


Do you know who broke the window?

I can barely keep my eyes open.

As said by Dag, I wrote, "It was the most delicious." on the guest-book of the restaurant yesterday.

The wind gently kissed the trees.

There's no sense acting all triumphant like a conquering hero over such a minor thing.

I have the whole day free.

How do I get over the river?

Before going to work in Paris, I have to brush up on my French.

She is in the habit of fidgeting in the presence of others.

On a bad road like this, I can't do more than thirty kilometers an hour.

Your insolence comes from your messianic complex.

Maria is wearing a different hat than he was yesterday.

Old friends contacted me.

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If it tastes bad, spit it out.

He worked hard; as a result he made a great success.

The king was greatly entertained by the music.

No one's arguing with you.

Are aliens real?

Nick and Geoffrey's baby had a severe bout of croup, and had to be put in a humidicrib in hospital.

I've got to run.

What do you know about him?

She had no dress to attend the party in.

We really do hate them.

When he received the letter, he fled to his parents'.

Natraj can't ride a horse.

I simply don't love Cecilia.

In 1779, Spain entered the war against the British.

Did you enjoy yourself tonight?

Men lick their lips when they look at her.

It was found at the bottom of the river.

I can't believe we're really doing this.

He buys us newspapers.

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I appreciated the opportunity.


We have some houseguests.

You must wait.

Jong's driver's license will expire next month.


It was your tireless efforts and devotion that made the event successful.


You still aren't sure, are you?

Kate is dressing her doll.

List is a real-estate developer.

How is your cold?

They stripped the tree of its bark.

Dan arrived at the maximum security facility on January 2.

I wonder why the sky is so pretty after a typhoon.


I can't speak German.


I was thinking that I would go there by bicycle, but it began to rain.

Toni speaks English better than me.

Can I have a word with you in private?

Do you often drive a car to work?

Everyone looked surprised.

I may not be home until late.

He never gives away any of his money.

I'm going to France to study painting.

Tracey is familiar with this area.

Summer is the season I like best.

This is funny.

The teacher explained the difference between the sentences "We all know Barry is guilty" and "All that we know is that Jerrie is guilty."

We have to make sure they're ready.

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Seenu isn't wearing a shirt.

The meeting has been postponed.

Hm, do you really want to know it?

Where do you work?

I may have put the key somewhere in this room.


How are we doing for time?

The end was nigh.

Grab on to something.

Do you know why she's jealous of me?

I'm not going to do anything until I talk to Sharan.

He caught his bus, but it was a near thing.

It is here where I live.

Kudos for your outstanding achievement!

I'm growing a beard again.

I haven't said you could go.

Andrea must be scared.

My father is economical of his time.

She's very childish.


I'll bring you something to eat.

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I suppose I could ask them.

Bring on the long weekend!

You used to tell me everything.


His criticisms were highly esteemed.

He told me to meet him at the restaurant.

Saumya had decided at an early age that he wanted to become a botanist.


Naomi has just finished her work.

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I want to eat some grapes.

Thanks for inviting me to the party.

Dan wasn't remorseful about killing Linda.

Miriamne's one big ambition in life was to become a race car driver.

He would be as muscular as his brother if he had worked out like him.

I hope that she listens to me.

It cost me 100 yen to send the letter.

Growing this thick mustache has taken me quite a while.

Are there many trees in the park?

I haven't seen Bill for a long time.

Good catch.

Don't make a habit out of it.

I'm only bringing personal items.

Merry Christmas!

The most famous supermarket is also the most expensive.


It was worth a shot.

I like the way that smells.

Douglas finally agreed to talk with Lincoln.

This morning the weather is frightful.

I'll go and see her myself.

He sent me a letter.

I met her in Boston last week.


They insisted that everything be ready ahead of time.

Omar went back to his dorm.

We have no idea how it happened.

Mike came back from the library at five.

It's the story of a cat.

Have you ever been fired from a job?

Nobody could have guessed, in those days, the place in history that Martin Luther King, Jr. was to have.

The dog barked a lot.

I am glad that everything has finished this way.

I haven't seen them yet.

Meet me there.

My answer is final.

Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

Life is unfair sometimes.

They are wasting time.

Dean still hasn't answered my email.

The trouble is that we are short of money.

We're going to need your help.

Sleep is necessary for good health.